The Secrets to Healthy Hair for Blowout Addicts

We’ve been told over the years that the easiest way to achieve the ultimate princess hair, (goldilocks style), is to wash our hair less, and put the straighteners down. Easier said than done when you study or go to work every day – greasy hair is kinda’ non-negotiable, right?  

If you’re like us, you’ve probably got a love-hate relationship with your curling tongs, and you’re more than likely addicted to a blowout. The love is just too strong when it comes to styling our hair, so we’ve put together some amazing products designed to inject some much-needed health into over-styled hair and stimulate hair regrowth.

From Vitamin A foods to UV and heat protectants, here are the goods that’ll quench your hairs thirst.

Use Protection  

The Hot Toddy Heat & UV Protectant from Drybar is pretty much liquid gold…or a lightweight lotion, described by them. Think of it as the armour for your hair before you put it through a blowout. Containing artichoke leaf extract, it prevents dehydration and preserves the hair cuticles in high temperatures, perfect for the Summer months that are approaching.

Oil It Up

After applying a lot of heat or hairspray, your scalp can often start to feel a little dry. The Hydrating Cream Hairbath is made up of essential oils such as sage and ylang ylang to sooth and balance out unhealthy scalps. Apply the creamy shampoo made up of coconut oil, shea butter and tamanu seed oils to hydrate, strengthen and promote hair regrowth. You’d treat your skin to luxury bath oils, it’s time to do the same for your hair.

Treat Yourself

Going lighter can put some serious strain on your locks, the kind of damage that usually requires a trim. And by trim, we mean a huge chop. *Cry*.  Thank the hair gods for bringing Olaplex into our lives. Scientists recently discovered a new set of molecules that work as a barrier between hair and the chemicals that damage it, and Olaplex was born. Get the first two treatments at the salon, then apply the third treatment Perfector No.3, to strengthen your hair bonds from home.


The Good Stuff

Want your hair to shine from the inside out? Pop the good stuff. Vitamin A foods and supplements such as cod liver oil, spinach and eggs work like magic, encouraging skin glands to create a substance called sebum which moisturizes the scalp and keeps your hair looking fleeky. Just remember that all types of cells need Vitamin A for growth. Hair is actually the fastest growing tissue in the human body, which scarily proves just how much damage we do to it when it never seems to grow!

Summer is on its way and its time to get poolside ready. Nobody’s got time for brittle, damaged or dry hair, but the Aussie sun is pretty much unstoppable! Start your Summer prep from now, we’re talking white smiles, beach waves, and golden skin.

We’re ready for it, are you?  

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