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"Try me to achieve a whiter & brighter smile without having to step a foot outside your house"

DENTIST grade Home Teeth Whitening System

Once upon a time, the best anyone could do to improve the colour of their teeth was to avoid coffee, tea and cigarettes, maintain good oral hygiene and hope for the best. Then came the first teeth bleaching techniques which were only available at the dentist, highly expensive and limited in their effectiveness. Today, GOGO Smile’s teeth whitening products make a world of difference. Rather than being stuck with stained teeth or spending a fortune to see a cosmetic dentist, you can regularly whiten your teeth within the comfort of your own home.

Dentist Grade Whitening Gel

Our dentist strength 6% hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening gel comes in four sets which provide up to 20 applications. 


Want faster results from your GOGO Smile whitening kit? This specially designed LED accelerator light worked in combination with our professional-grade teeth whitening gel to give you a whiter and brighter smile in no time at all. No one should have to be embarrassed about their smile, and this LED accelerator is all part of the answer. Check out our tutorial videos for advice on how to use the accelerator light in combination with our specially formulated gel and mouthpiece.


This professional-grade desensitisation gel is a must have for anyone with sensitive teeth. While our whitening kits are low irritant and comfortable for most users, we understand that those with sensitive teeth often require extra care to ensure the process is painless and stress-free. The key to our desensitisation gel is its ability to keep the teeth hydrated after using the whitening kit. Use just after every session with the whitening gel (you can even use the same retainer) and protect your teeth from sensitivity.


To get the most out of our kits, it’s important that your teeth have proper contact and adhesion with the whitening gel. These customisable retainers ensure the whitening gel can easily come into contact with the enamel of each and every one of your teeth, giving you the best possible results from every session. To use, simply use the protruding tab to dip the mouthpiece into boiling water and hold it there for five seconds. From there, you simply place it on your top or bottom teeth, suck out the air and cut off the protruding tab – the retainer will mould to your teeth and create a comfortable, customised fit just for you.

Dental Tray Box

Keep your personalised trays safe and clean.


This portable, ultra-convenient whitening pen is the ultimate travel companion. Whether you’re heading off to a job interview, are on your way to a party or just need a fresh whitening treatment before you get back home, this pen gives you access to our dentist-grade solution with up to 10 applications. It’s particularly handy for those times you’ve just had food or drink that might stain your teeth – like coffee, tea, red wine or berries – and want to make sure your teeth retain that pearly white shade. Fully compliant with FCC, ADA and ACCC standards!

Whiter Smile in 7 Days or Your Money-Back

Australia’s Preferred Home Teeth Whitening Kit

The GOGO SMILE difference is in the clinically verified formulation and the customised whitening trays that fit perfectly to your teeth. Achieve even coverage at home for a beautiful smile that’s up to 12 shades whiter, making you ready for anything.

GOGO SMILE provides a no-nonsense teeth whitening solution that works, giving you the confidence you deserve. That’s our guarantee.



Our completely safe and effective whitening kit includes everything you need to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home.

Effectively whitens: Coffee. Tea. Wine. Cigarettes. Your dirty little secrets are safe with us. GOGO’s formula is clinically proven to remove stains and general discolouration.


Scientifically proven

We’ve consulted the science - and it’s on your side. The LED accelerator light ensures your teeth will look up to 12 shades whiter.

Dentist Grade: A clinically verified formulation preferred by dental clinics all over the world.


Safe: All our products are compliant with FDA, ACCC, ADA standards. 

U.S. Food & Drug AdministrationAustralian Competition & Consumer CommissionAustralian Dental Association

Cruelty-Free: Get white teeth and keep the bunnies safe! All our products are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.


If your teeth don’t look whiter after 7 days of using GOGO SMILE, you don’t need to pay

Complement your teeth whitening kit with a range of accessories

Our teeth whitening kits include all the basics you’ll need to turn your smile from drab to fab, including whitening gel and a retainer. But that isn’t the end of it: at GOGO Smile, we stock a range of premium accessories for those who want to get the most out of their kit and enjoy their best possible smile.

Simple Steps to a Whiter Smile

No more awkward, closed-mouth smiles at the camera. No more pricey and inconvenient trips to the dentist. Smile like you mean it with GOGO Smile’s fast, safe and simple home teeth whitening kits. Watch the quick video to discover how easy it really is.

Tutorial - Watch Now

Why improve your smile through teeth whitening?

Too many of us take our smile for granted: it’s one of our most common forms of expression and helps us build relationships with those around us. It’s likely you don’t even think about it when you do smile – that’s how automatic it is.

But what if you could make your smile warmer, whiter and brighter?

By giving your teeth a healthy bright glow, you can improve your smile and enjoy a number of benefits as a result.

Get ahead in your career

In the workplace, there are numerous factors which determine how successful you are and whether or not you are considered for promotions. From your work ethic to your leadership qualities, you have to give it your all to show your value to the company.

But have you considered how something as simple as a smile can make all the difference? An attractive smile will help others, including your boss, perceive you as a warm, enthusiastic and approachable colleague. 

Make positive first impressions

Whether you like it or not, people are subconsciously forming an impression of you from the very first moment they meet you. This is an important part of forming social bonds, and can make or break your relationship with that person.

Something as simple as a bright, genuine smile can help create a lasting positive impression from the get go, making it easier for you to get off on the right foot with new friends and colleagues.

Feel better about yourself

Smiling is one of the quickest and easiest ways to give yourself a feel-good boost. Why? In fact, smiling is hard-wired into our brains as a positive expression – that’s why every time you smile, you get a small boost of endorphins inside your body.

Endorphins are one of the natural chemicals in the body that cause feelings of joy and happiness. The more you smile, the better you feel.

Become more likeable

Smiling doesn’t just make you feel good: it also has an effect on others. When you smile, most people instinctively smile back and get their own small boost of feel-good chemicals in the brain.

Over time, they will begin to associate you with warmth and happiness, making you far more pleasurable company than someone who broods and frowns all day.

Improve your confidence

If you shy away from the camera because you feel embarrassed about dull or stained teeth, you are missing out on using one of the greatest tools you have at your disposal.

With whiter teeth, you can show off your smile without any misgivings and tackle every day with complete confidence.

Brilliantly white teeth in a few short steps

Experience the Best Teeth Whitening Products in Australia

GOGO Smile teeth whitening kits aren’t just genuinely effective: they are incredibly easy to use. Every kit comes with a clear step-by-step guide that will help you turn your smile from dull to dazzling in the comfort of your own home. Once you have moulded your retainer, lined it with our carefully formulated gel and placed it over your teeth, the active ingredient in the gel begins to break down. This triggers a process that safely breaks down stains, making your teeth white and bright with minimal effort. Whether you follow a tight schedule or want to avoid the cost and inconvenience of a visit to the dentist, GOGO Smile is the ultimate teeth whitening product for you. Browse our range of whitening kits today and choose the one that best suits your needs and budget; be sure to also check out our selection of accessories designed to optimise your whitening experience.


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