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"I love how these are dental grade and they instantly whiten your teeth, not too pricy as well"
Teeghan C.
Gogo smile is amazing!
"Using this item is so easy, especially the teeth whitening pen, if I don’t have enough time to use the mould’s I just use the teeth whitening pen and it’s just as good!! Overall all the products are so easy to use, I’ve only been using it for a few weeks and I’m already seeing whiter teeth!! Love love love gogo smile!! "
lara s.
Works well
"I loved that this brand is effective in lightening and brightening stained teeth. I’m also a big fan of honest info about ingredients on websites, thankyou for be open and transparent, exactly what I wanted."
Chantelle C.
Awesome Products
"I absolutely love this teeth whitening kit! So quick and easy to use. Love that you see visable results from the very first use. Highly recommend these products! Will certainly be purchasing again."
Selina S.
White Wow
"Happy clients, return business im so stoked!"
Michelle L.
Applications don’t equal Tubes!
"Looooove this product, but thought that the number of applications was the same as tubes! I must use too much, as I run out before I reckoned. Go Go Get your required REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, whitens your teeth harmlessly. You’ll never, ever be afraid to smile! Actually you won’t be able to stop smiling‼️💗💗💗 Cheers, Noelene"
Noelene L.
GoGo smile starter pack
"My partner and I brought a starter kit each with not much expectation that it was going to work. But it was our engagement party the following week and we thought we would give it a try because we had nothing to loose. Come the day of the engagement party and a last minute application before the big night, our teeth were so white and looked amazing. You could honestly notice the difference especially in photos too. Would 100% recommend, especially if you have an event coming up. It makes you feel so much more comfortable and confident smiling for photos and we could not be happier! "
Katelyn E.
Gogo get that smile!
"Gogo smile is by far the most effective & dynamic product I gave have used within my business, I have only overly satisfied customers that come back to me for that amazing smile & take home products! "
Michelle L.
"Love it, I noticed results quicker than I thought I would, will be restocking when I run out for sure!!"
Tori C.
Amazing results
"Amazing results and so quick and wash to use. Love this product."
Rachel P.
Good value for money
"Easy to use! White teeth in no time"
Grace G.
Put a Glow in your Smile!
"Easy to use, whitens stained teeth from food & beverages after 3 uses. Regular bi-weekly use retains that glow. Noelene Lyon 5 stars‼️"
Noelene L.
Whiten teeth
"The gel whitened my teeth extremely well. It’s a great way to whiten teeth if you’re in a hurry."
Julee B.
Can’t wipe the smile off my face
"I was incredibly surprised how easy gogo smile was to use and am amazed by the results. The kit is so straightforward to use and so quick and easy. As a coffee drinker and smoker gogo smile works brilliantly for me to help keep those stains at bay. Definitely give it a go! It works!"
Tahlia P.
Teeth whitening pen
"The lazy girls way to whiten teeth. Of course your not going to get them as white as with the kit but even my 11 year old said to me on the way to school, “why are your teeth so white mum?” Will purchase again!"
Elisha V.
It really works - but a word of caution
"This product does exactly what it promises, as simply and effortlessly as shown on the website. However, this effectiveness can inadvertently highlight any repairs you’ve had on your front teeth, in particular. Say for example you had a chipped tooth repaired at some stage, and the repair was colour-matched to your natural tooth shade. After a few weeks of whitening, your teeth look fantastic - but the repaired bit is still the old colour, so now the repair is really obvious. So... you need to be really sure before you whiten your teeth, or else maybe consider getting the repair replaced when you’re finished with the whitening."
Anthony W.
value kit
"amazing item that works instantly! "
Anita N.
"The positive was the layout of the kit with everything in one place. Easy to use. The only negative I have is the taste but I am sure that will be the same with any teeth bleach product."
Patricia R.
Very satisfied
"The product arrived in good time and was easy to apply. Very satisfied with my experience."
Tony P.
Gogo review
"Very good and extremely easy to use and worked very well "
Gerard K.
Must have survival kit
"Works amazingly! It a must have in your survival kit "
Anne-Marie G.
Pearly whites!!!
"Ive always been a massive coffee lover which isnt too friendly for your teeth causing staining. I tried so many other teeth whitening products which didnt work or hurt my gums. Im so happy i found gogo smile as it was delivered super fast and worked so well. My teeth were whiten with only two uses "
Aloma S.
Sparkly white teeth 😍
"I love the product. I use it regularly and at first was a bit skeptical of how much whiter my teeth would become but this actually WORKS! No need to pay 500+ at the dentist "
Constance C.
Starter kit only
"Always have had yellowish teeth and had thought it was the use of antibiotics as a sick child and would be unresponsive to whitening. Was very pleasantly surprised and excited to find that considerable improvement resulted and am much more confident as a result."
Lynn A.
"Good results as always. Very satisfied "
Terry B.
My experience
"I bought this as a gift to my partner, he has had multiple comments on how white his teeth look. And to be fair he now uses it sporadically and they still have maintained the whiteness from everyday use! Very impressed with this product have even recommended it to friends who have gone on to purchase this. "
Trisha T.
Go go smile works wonders
"Hi I bought a starter kit from your company and found the results working before my eyes after each application. I have found after I would use each time my smile would become brighter and whiter and I got the results I wanted. As I have finished with the product I would love to have the chance to receive another and let all my friends know how good this company is."
Shannen G.
Real deal
"Swear by this product, after a couple of applications there is a huge difference in my teeth colour. And it lasts forever! Such a good bang for your buck! "
Hayley K.
I have used this product
"I have used this product before and it works well so am happy to continue using!"
Debbie W.
Fantastic product
"I recieved mine as a gift and let me tell you now, this product works and is absolutely fantastic! "
Jessica Woodrow