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Whitening pen



Shake the pen

Give your GOGO Smile Teeth Whitening Pen a good shake for about 5 seconds.



Remove protective tip

Carefully remove the protective tip covering the brush.



Pump the gel onto the brush

Twist the opposite end of the pen a few times until you can visibly see the gel dispense and cover the brush tip.



Apply the gel

Bring the pen to your mouth and carefully run the brush over your upper and lower teeth, spreading a thin layer of gel across them. Avoid getting the gel on your gums or lips.



Keep your teeth bared for 30 seconds

You don’t want your lips to come in contact with your teeth for the next 30 seconds, so make sure you keep them separate by baring your teeth. If you like, why not take a selfie while you wait and post it to our Instagram or Facebook page!



Leave for 30 minutes

Once the 30 seconds are up, you can close your mouth again but make sure you do not eat or drink anything for the next 30 minutes. This enables the product to take action. Once the half hour is up, give your mouth a thorough rinse.

The GOGO Smile Teeth Whitening Pen can be used at any time of night or day, and whenever required. For more immediate effects, use in combination with the LED Teeth Whitening Accelerator Light and repeat the above process every hour.