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Allow us to introduce ourselves...

Just like you, we’ve made mistakes. Rich pasta sauces, bottomless Cosmopolitans and other naughty treats have begun to stain our teeth - and our reputation! So we joined forces and, as a team of professionals, we decided to offer the best instant teeth whitening kits that would allow us to hide the evidence in the comfort of our homes.

We think you deserve to be in control of your own appearance. We believe you shouldn’t feel daunted by unattainable standards of beauty, nor should you have to spend ludicrous amounts of money on expensive procedures at the dentist’s office.

Feel the same? This could be a perfect match.

You’ve finally found an affordable teeth whitening product that gives you the chance to achieve dentist-grade results. With free shipping and detailed instructions, this is a method that fits the rush of modern life - the “Go-Go” lifestyle!

All you really need to know is, we’re here to help you take control. Whether you need emergency whitening for a big event, or you just want to maintain a bright smile despite the perils of age, now you can spend less for a brighter future.

So make the first move - we dare you! Get in touch for a chat or a consultation.


We exist to make your ex-cry and your Instagram blow up. By supplying you with the tools to whiten your own teeth, for a tenth of the price you’d pay at the dentist, you can achieve a smile that’s 12 shades whiter.

Now you can stop regretting all of those naughty habits and live life your way. Our products remove stains caused by:

  • Coffee
  • Red wine
  • Fruit
  • Soft drinks
  • Tomato sauce
  • Tea
  • Smoking
  • And more!

We love being your partner-in-crime, so stick around for a step-by-step guide to daily teeth whitening and the FAQ’s that will squish any of your insecurities. We promise to keep our blog up to date with beauty advice, safety guidelines and other things that interest us.


There’s a reason that celebrities across the globe are going nuts for GOGO Smile. Even if you can’t sing, act, dance or walk the catwalk, your teeth deserve only the best whitening equipment. Each kit comes fully equipped with everything you’ll need to whiten your teeth at home - and achieve a Hollywood smile that’s up to 12 shades whiter!

Supplied to dental clinics and used by professionals worldwide, our products meet the standards of the FDA, ACCC and ADA. Your teeth are in safe hands!

We provide singles kits to boost your attitude before a date, as well as couples kits to keep the romance alive. Here’s a brief rundown of our products:

Dentist Strength Whitening Gel

A clear gel that whitens at a dental-grade strength for a fraction of the price. Science or magic - you decide. Check the instructions for proper use.

Customisable Retainers

Customisable to suit the shape of your gums and teeth. Put these on with your whitening gel to get close contact between the gel and your teeth for even whitening, even if your teeth aren’t straight.

Desensitisation Gel

Some of you have more sensitive teeth than others, which can result in some discomfort during teeth whitening. This desensitisation gel rehydrates the teeth, eliminating the main cause of sensitivity.

LED Teeth Whitening Accelerator Light

Need to dash to brunch? The LED light speeds up the teeth whitening process. Simply apply the light to the gel to activate the hydrogen peroxide and quicken the process.

These products can be purchased in the kits or separately as refills.

At 54% off retail prices for the single kits and 64% for the couples kits, you won’t find such high-quality products so cheap anywhere else.


We care about you. We want you to be in control of your own appearance, and we aim to give you the best equipment, the most comprehensive instructions and the important safety advice you need for a successful, safe tooth whitening at an affordable price.

Browse our products, shoot us a line and let us know what you’re thinking. Spend less for a brighter future