Ghosts of Boyfriends Past: What Dreaming about Your Ex Really Means

So, you broke up with your ex a while ago, and your ex EX even longer ago. You’re starting to feel good again and move on with your life.

You’ve done everything you can! Blocked them from your Instagram page, unfriended them on Facebook, and deleted their number.

You’re no longer crying yourself to sleep and you’re even starting to drift off without listening to old-school Whitney on repeat.

Until BAM! He (or she) is back when you least expect it.

The only thing scarier than the Ghost of Christmas Past is the Ghosts of Boyfriends Past. Queue the goosebumps, and not in a sexy way (well, we’ll explore that part a little later…).

If you’re dreaming about an ex and have no idea why we’re about to decode the most common fantasies and freakiest of nightmares.

Dreams about Bumping into Your Ex

Simply bumping into an ex in a dream can be unnerving enough as it is. It can mean a lot of things, and sometimes their appearance into your psyche may be totally harmless. Often, people dream about their exes after encountering something or someone that reminds them of their ex significant other, it’s as simple as that. If your dreams are totally mixed up and don’t really make sense, it’s likely that your dream has a symbolic meaning actually unrelated to your ex.

Dreams About Your Ex Giving You the Cold Shoulder

Just like they started to do towards the end of your relationship, they’re now having the audacity to do in your nightmares! If you’re dreaming about an ex ignoring you, it is not we repeat not some kind of reverse psychology ‘thing’ your subconscious is doing to let you know that they miss you. Your psyche is actually telling you to move the hell on and get over your ex, just like your friends and family keep telling you to do! 

Dreams About Hooking Up with an Ex

Now let’s get down to the freaky stuff. The nastiest dreams of them all ;). Sexual fantasies about an ex-partner can definitely wake you up feeling all hot and bothered, especially if you’re lying next to a new partner or if you really enjoyed it.... DO NOT FEAR! Since they’re obviously a little naughty, sex dreams often occur as a way of reminding you about passion and excitement that you’re craving. The cure? Time to inject some warranted excitement into your intimate life! 

Dreams About Missing an Ex

Of course, sometimes dreaming about missing an ex doesn’t fall far from the truth. Yes, you might still have a soft spot for them, but you don’t need a dream to tell you that! If you’re genuinely over your ex and still dreaming about longing for them, it’s likely that you’re just missing the feeling of being wanted and having someone to love.

Dreams About Arguing with an Ex

This is an interesting one. You’re going crazy at your ex for being too controlling and you’re exchanging some pretty harsh words… next minute your alarm goes off and it’s just a casual Wednesday. Fighting with your ex in a dream can actually represent the fact that someone in your current life is bringing you down and making you feel similar to the way you felt back then. It could be time to make some changes in your relationships whether it be with a partner, work colleague or friend.  

Enough about the ex. They’re an ex for a reason and the only thing you should be dreaming about is a whiter smile in time for all the fun you’re about to have as Summer approaches.

Ex, who?

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