The Eyeshadow Shades That Will Make Your Eye Colour POP.

First of all, makeup is all about experimenting and having fun – especially when it comes to which eyeshadow palette you decide to go for! If you’re into electric blues, smokey-eyed hues or peachy pinks, anything goes so don’t be afraid to mix it up, regardless of your eye colour!

Sure, there are definitely some eyeshadow’s that suit particular eye colours more than others, which is why we’ve decided to put together a little guide to help all of our favourite babes out there.

From blue-eyed beauties to brown eyed girls, we know just the right eyeshadow to make you stand out from the crowd. Just like being the fairest of them all (Snow White circa 1938), you can be the rarest of them all with some smart eyeshadow selections.

Brown Eyes

So, you share an eye colour with 50% of the world’s population? Gold eyeshadow is a huge yes when it comes to making brown eyes pop. We’re not asking you to go all Poison Ivy on us, but metallic golds with green undertones pick up the little specks of brown within your eyes and make them stand out. Raw Gold by Natasha Denona is everything.

Raw Gold Narasha Denona

We also recommend Cobalt blue. Yep, we know it’s a little bold, but the contract between electric blue hues like Electric Eel by Mac against brown eyes is pretty major.

Blue Eyes

Think pinks, orange, peach and golds. All the pretty palettes! Urban Decay’s Naked Heat palette provides the fire on so many levels; think warm nudes, burnt oranges and rich pinks in a range of matte and glitter injected finishes. It’s all about creating a contrast that doesn’t make you want to reach for the makeup remover! Burgundy sheens will give blue eyes the piercing look, Angelina Jolie style.

Naked heat

Grey Eyes

If you’ve been blessed with grey eyes, they’re pretty special and unique. Varying across greenish yellow to blue undertones they almost have a feline appeal, which is why you should mix it up with shimmery based eyeshadow colours. Opt for a mix of eyeshadow palettes that include champagnes and taupes to add depth and richer dimensions to your eyes. We’re in love with the Rainforest of the Sea highlighting eyeshadow palette from Tarte.


Green and Hazel Eyes  

The key to unlocking green and hazel eyes is anything from the purple family, it’s that simple. From deep burgundy’s to mauves, and plums, vibrant shades of purple work to highlight green speckles of colour. Our go-to purple is the shimmer eyeshadow from Nars in shade Strada, ideal for shading and highlighting. If you’re looking for a less pricey product, Maybelline’s Humdrum Plum is super creamy and features a particularly saturated colour that’ll last all night!


Choosing which eyeshadow colour doesn’t have to be difficult, for us, it’s all a part of the fun in terms of our whole ‘glam’ (as the Kardashians would say!).

We can’t all be so lucky to have a full Glam Squad, which is why learning to become your own is your best bet.

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