The Summer Body Edition: Operation Bubble Butt & Abs

The Summer Body Edition Part 1: Operation Booty

As they say, Summer bodies are made in Winter.

Since we’ve left it a little late, we’ve decided that Summer bodies are made in Spring... roll with it!

If you’ve been running your little booty off on the treadmill, cutting calories and surviving off cans of tuna, it’s time to have a workout and diet overhaul. All the abs workouts and glute exercises in the world won’t make a difference if you aren’t fueling your body with the right amount of food.

It’s not easy to build a bubble butt and sculpt a six-pack at the same time, so here’s how to start with setting your goals and you’ll begin to see some progress.

Today, we’re going to focus on getting those booty gains.

Prioritise: Belly or Butt

Patience girls, patience. You won’t be able to grow your booty at the same time as getting your abs to say peekaboo.

You’ll need to work on building muscle first to make that butt pop, THEN whilst going hardcore in the gym, you can start to cut back on body fat.

Either way, you’ve gotta focus on your belly or butt first.


If you’re surviving off no carbs and a lettuce diet, you’re never going to see a change! Put the cucumber down and put some brown rice on your plate, please.

Although it can be hard to get your head around, ensuring you’re getting enough protein and carbohydrates will help you build the muscle you need to grow your sweet little cheeks.

Food + Weights = Ass Ass Ass.

Our favourite equation.

1 hour of physical activity =  1.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.

20-40% of your calories = healthy fats.

We recommend using free calorie counter and tracking app My Fitness Pal. The app allows you to add your weight, goals, and keep a daily food diary!  

 my fitness app

my fitness app


And girls, please remember that if you don’t eat enough carbs you won’t have enough energy to work out as hard as you need to. We’re talking all kinda’ whole grain goodness.

It’s time to get the weighing scales out and start loading up that plate!

Think of it like this, you can’t build somethin’ outta nothin’.  


Lift, lift, lift!

Lifting heavy is pretty much the only way you’re going to build that booty, alongside eating enough calories. No more slaving away for hours on the cross-trainer, HURRAH.

Start with simple bodyweight workouts and then move to lifting heavy weights gradually.  

Abs are made in the kitchen… but glute gains? They’re made from lifting heavy in the gym which means now is the time to squat it like it’s hot!  

FAVE GLUTE EXERCISES: Deadlifts, Glute Bridges, Hip Thrusts, Squats.


The next part of your journey? Acceptance.

Not everyone has the perfect body, the perfect hair, or the perfect shaped booty.

It’s all about accepting yourself for who you are, and THEN becoming the best version of you that you can be. We’re all for bettering ourselves, hitting the gym and releasing those endorphins, but don’t let it take over your life.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Summer body edition, where we’ll be talking all things ABS. From abs exercises to cutting back on body fat, you’ll be bikini ready in no time.  

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