White Teeth, White Dress: Teeth Whitening for Your Wedding Day

A bride-to-be wants to look her best on her wedding day. It’s a day immortalised in pictures and memory, one that symbolises the love you’re about to share with your partner. It’s only natural that you’ll take a little extra care on your personal grooming.

It’s a day on which you want to look your best. To go with the traditional white dress, why not boast a beautiful set of pearly white teeth? Professional teeth whitening is a great way to get that desired, bright smile on an important day.

To make sure the procedure goes smoothly and you get out of it everything you need, here are a few things to keep in mind before and during your wedding day.

In preparation for the big day

A professional teeth whitening session generally takes about an hour. It’s wise to also go in for a consultation with your dentist beforehand, to make sure that your situation is ideal for the procedure. Things like allergies, dental work and tooth decay can complicate the procedure.

Also, make sure you have the work done at least two to three weeks before your wedding day. This ensures that teeth sensitivity will have died down, the bleach will have set and be less likely to stain when you’re celebrating with a glass of red.

In the few weeks before your wedding day, avoid any kind of food or beverage that will stain your teeth. These include but are not limited to:

Red wine
Balsamic vinegar
Soft drinks

High acidic content and deep coloured hues will stain your teeth an unpleasant dark shade, leaving you looking a little ghoulish on a day you ought to be radiant.

On the day

When the day arrives and you’ve taken extra special care of your pearly-whites, you’ll be taking plenty of photos. Make sure you know your best angle! Practice in the mirror for the look that makes your smile pop and your eyes shine.

It’s not all about your teeth, though. How you look after your lips can really emphasise the bright shine in your mouth. One neat tip before you apply lipstick is to gently exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush and buff away dead skin. Afterwards, cover your mouth with a thick balm and sleep overnight. On the day, use a pink or red lipstick with cool blue undertones—the blue will counteract the tinge of stains and brighten your smile.

Neutrogena makeup artist Amy Oresman also suggests using an ‘Eye Brightening Perfector’ around the edges of your mouth for a smooth and perfect lip line.

Have fun!

Your wedding day shouldn’t just be about looking perfect. When you’ve whitened your teeth and feel confident about your bright, shining smile, let the joy of the day overtake you. Feel comfortable with how you look and let yourself have a good time. Don’t let anyone’s jealousy bring you down either!

At GOGO SMILE, we offer you the chance to brighten your teeth from the comfort of your own home. Find out more about who we are and how our products will help you today.