A Personal Checklist Before Your Big Wedding Day

As your big wedding day approaches, it may seem like there are a million tiny details to remember and things to do. However, in the controlled chaos that is your wedding, you don’t want to forget about the most important person, you!

There are several things you can do for yourself before your wedding that can make the day more enjoyable and less stressful, and they’re easy!

Pamper Yourself

In the excitement of planning your wedding, you may forget to pamper yourself. Studies showed that over 35% of Australians have significant stress levels in their lives, and a wedding can bring it up even more. With this in mind, remember to take time for you. Book a spa day or have brunch with your bridesmaids. This can lead to a less stressed out bride, and it can significantly alter the entire mood for the better.

Have Your Beauty Routine Picked Out

You want to look back on your wedding pictures and love the way you look. Your dress, setting, and makeup can be flawless, but what about your smile? Do you have the bright smile you’ve dreamed about and can’t wait to show off? If not, you should look into using teeth whiteners a few days before your wedding to give you that gorgeous smile that will allow you to take your wedding photographs to the next level! Planning out every detail beforehand will help you to feel more organised and make sure nothing is missed or left to chance on the day.

Keep Calm

If you feel calm, it will show and you will look even more beautiful on your wedding day. Having your hair, makeup and smile look their very best will do wonders for your self-confidence. Then, no matter what happens, you’ll have the security to know that you can handle whatever life throws at you, be it a big or a small problem. The chances are you will look back at your wedding day fondly and laugh about the things you thought were disasters.

Remember, you want to take time for you. The wedding won’t go on without the bride, and pampering yourself, picking out your beauty routine, and gaining self-confidence will all help you turn your big day dreams into a reality.

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