What you should do right now to prevent gum disease and its side effects

Gum disease is basically the inflammation of the gum line that has an adverse effect in the adjoining areas like the bone that supports the jaw and teeth. There are three stages of gum diseases.

They are gingivitis, periodontitis and advanced periodontitis. There are varieties of reasons that result in gum diseases. Bacteria forming on the top layer of the teeth forms plaque on the teeth which is one of the major reasons of gum diseases. This plaque can further harden and turn into tartar which is not a disease that can be cured by brushing or flossing. This kind of disease needs professional attention.

Along with the actual gum disease there are various side effects as well. According to a research the link between gum diseases and other health related issues are quite real. Gum disease if not checked well in time cause diabetes, heart diseases and stroke. Advanced research is being carried out to find connection between gum and this disease. It is better to revert and cure this disease before it sidekicks some other disease in the body.

How to prevent gum disease

The real question if a person is facing gum diseases is the method of fighting this disease. There are a number of methods by which gum diseases and its side effects can be prevented in the first place. Maintaining a healthy diet is the first and foremost prevention that should be taken for prevention of gum diseases or for stopping the deterioration of a pre-existing condition. Removing sugar and fatty foods is one way to go and adding foods that are rich in calcium. Brush away any residue especially after eating sugar or sugar related food items.

Using proper oral hygiene products is also very important. This is one step that should be taken even if you have a healthy set of teeth and gums. These products include the right kind of tooth brush, the right kind of tooth paste and a proper medicated mouth wash. A dentist should also be referred at least once before choosing these products. Advanced oral products include pastes and whitening strips. All these advanced products should always be used with the consent of an oral physician.

Regular cleaning of your teeth is done by brushing and flossing but extensive cleaning of the areas that are inaccessible should be carried out by a professional with the periodicity based upon tartar composition and doctor’s prescription. In order to challenge gum disease when it first appear, certain steps are recommended by dentists all over the world. The first method is proper brushing especially after meals and before going to sleep. Plaque over night in teeth creates much more havoc than in the day time hence brushing before sleeping is absolutely important. Flossing after brushing is also a measure that should be taken religiously once gum disease start to appear.

Gum disease is not something that cannot be cured but it should be taken as seriously as other diseases that plague a human body.

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