Teeth Whiteners: Hydrogen Peroxide vs Non-peroxide

When it comes to teeth whitening, there are many different methods and procedures. Some take place at home with kits or DIY remedies, others are non-surgical cosmetic procedures in the dentist’s office. If you’ve decided to bleach the stains from your chompers, you need to decide which option is best for you.

Most of these methods can be split into two categories: those that use Hydrogen Peroxide and those that don’t. Choosing between them ought to be the first decision you make. Here is a breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of each, to help with your decision.

What a Pearly smile!” we often comment people with the glimmering teeth with such compliments. Today maintaining oral hygiene is as equally important as maintaining you're overall look. If your teeth are not clean and radiant, your overall personality loses numbers. With the advancement in the medical technologies, dental surgeons have also excelled well in beautifying the smiles of millions. Today professional doctors do wonders in teeth reparation and teeth whitening, which has increased its urge of requirement.

Let’s have a look at the comparison of hydrogen peroxide vs. non-peroxide products, to simplify your buying choices.


When hydrogen peroxide is used in the teeth whiteners, it gives a durable effective result, resulting in happy customers. Dentists highly prefer whitening treatments in their offices as well, due to its strong properties. Though non-peroxide whitening methods are easy and can be applied at home, they lack accuracy and effectiveness. Every person has a different set of teeth type and it is better if the doctor vies it and recommends treatment, rather experimenting yourself.


Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is a chemical compound. Though it is only made up of H2O with an extra oxygen molecule (making it practically water), it can still have adverse consequences for some people.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Teeth whitener with H2O2 is an effective, dentist-chosen method. It is best used in controlled circumstances because it can result in some discomforting side effects and is not recommended for everyone. People with highly sensitive teeth should avoid the chemical, as the pain can be quite severe and can also cause mouth irritation.


Non-peroxide products are more natural methods, usually ones that can be performed safely at home. They will not cause irritation or increase sensitivity in teeth and are ideal for people with problems that make it unsafe to use products containing peroxide.


When it comes to teeth whitening, hydrogen peroxide is the main ingredient used worldwide for better effective results. It’s the strongest bleaching agent which is used for various other purposes, apart from just the teeth whitening. Whereas the non-peroxide whitening methods might be less expensive but they are less effective as well. It is no use to spend money over something which has no lasting effect. In non-peroxide methods, baking soda is used, which is not so effective ingredient and can take a really long time to show the desired result. Home methods also come under it, but at times it does more harm because they are not done under the professional guidance.

If you’re suitable for the procedure, the next thing to consider is how effective the product is. When you’re paying for a product, you expect results that make it worth your time and money.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Because it is the chosen method for professionals, H2O2 tends to be a faster acting method with stronger results. The bleaching agent can pass easily into the tooth, breaking down the organic molecules in the tooth’s enamel and whitening them. It usually produces visible results within a few short sessions, instead of a gradual effect over time.


Whitening your teeth without H2O2 usually means using bicarbonate soda. There are many home remedies involving baking soda which reportedly whiten your teeth, but these remedies take time and don’t give as drastic results. They usually require daily application over months at a time to begin to show.


Professional teeth whitening sessions are not cheap. Even kits you can use at home will take a bite out of your wallet. Which will take the smallest bite out of your wallet?

Hydrogen Peroxide

Put simply, whitening agents with H2O2 will be more expensive. They work better and the best results will come from a pricey dentist’s appointment, so choosing products with this bleaching chemical will need to be carefully considered.


Teeth whitening without peroxide could take the form of a cheap home remedy or a take-home kit with LED lights, gel pens and tooth shade guides. The more ample kits will cost you more, but non-peroxide is safer to use in a home remedy, so your options are more open.

Hydrogen peroxide whitening methods are no doubt little expensive, but the work done is also of quality and durability. Non-peroxide options like home treatments indirectly incur more expense over time due to the slow gradual results.


If you’ve checked with your dentist and it’s safe to use a Hydrogen Peroxide-based bleaching agent, then it’s the optimum choice.

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