Perfect Smile

“Hollywood smile” as it is called is the ideal set of smile which has been acquired by Hollywood artists and followed by billions.

A toothy white smile is the first thing that impresses the person in front of you even before you shake hands with him or her. Unfortunately, dentists are the least visited doctor due to higher cost and symptoms which are unlike of any other disease. Here are 10 symptoms which should push you towards going to a dentist.

  1. Missing Teeth. Missing the front teeth may not hamper in your munching of food but it certainly has an impact when you speak. Furthermore, if your other teeth are missing it may hamper in your eating as well. Therefore having one or more non-existent in your complete set is the number one reason for visiting a dental physician.
  2. Discolored teeth. Yellow teeth is not a taboo that the media has created in our heads, it is actually a bad hygienic condition. It may make you aesthetically unpleasant but the real problem is the decay it causes in your teeth. Go to a dentist if your teeth are discolored.
  3. Crooked teeth. This may be a pre existing condition due to some other health related issues. Braces to fix this problem are an easy solution in your childhood but if you are an adult, dentists have a solution to this problem as well.
  4. Non-regular teeth. You should definitely make an appointment with a dental physician in case you have small, pointy or fanged teeth. Today’s technology has the capability to fix this.
  5. Chipped teeth. This case usually occurs because of falls, fights or sporting injuries. Leaving it as it is may cause long time problems in the gums and jaws, therefore, a dentist must be consulted ASAP!
  6. Fixing long term issues. Due to lack of frequent dental visits, many problems are generated therefore a comprehensive visit to the dentist should be scheduled so you get back on track regarding your dental care.
  7. Fillings. The teeth that are supposed to chew food often get damaged by losing their filling and forming a cavity. This can further deteriorate into painful conditions. Therefore getting these cavities filled immediately is the best solution.
  8. Face deformation. Due to the irregular shape of the teeth and gums, lips may not be in the ideal place and can either be protruding or sunken. To fix this a dentist should be visited. This problem is mostly cosmetic but having a symmetric face is all that everyone desires.
  9. Bleeding. Constant bleeding from gums and teeth especially while brushing your teeth is a clear sign that a visit to the dentist is absolutely necessary. This condition should not be put off in any case as it may cause further damage to the gums and teeth. This is also an unhygienic condition which may cause further medical problems in the body.
  10. Finding a dentist. This is one the prime reason why people avoid going to a dentist. Finding a dentist and oral hygiene specialist is a cumbersome task. Dentists along with products that will help you overcome all oral hygiene and medical issues.

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