Love yourself and good things will follow. We promise.

If there’s one thing that we need to do more of, it’s loving ourselves. It may sound like the ultimate cliché but loving yourself for who you are will help you live a happy, fulfilled and content life.

Without realising it, we’re often way too hard on ourselves.

Who’s compared themselves to the girl on Instagram with the tiny waist?


Who’s had the thought “maybe if I looked more like that girl then he’d actually be interested in me…”.

Guilty again.

So many people struggle with their body image and constantly put themselves down, or downright judge themselves for not being better.

What do we say to that? Well, quite simply…

You don’t have to be pretty like her, when you can be BEAUTIFUL like you.

We’re not saying you’ll never have a bad hair day again, or that you should never feel insecure because then you wouldn’t be human. What we are saying, is that with a few little changes, you can improve the way you view yourself.

In fact, you’ll learn to love yourself more than anyone else can, and that’s what’s counts.

How to love yourself

Accept Yourself

So, you might not have the longest legs in the room, the tiniest waist, or the biggest lips to use as your power. What you do have though, is yourself – and THAT is your power. Look in the mirror, take a photo, do whatever it takes to see yourself through the eyes of someone else, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you see.

Set boundaries

You'll 100% start to love yourself more when you set limits and boundaries. Whether it’s saying no to that extra hour of work or standing by your values in a friendship or relationship. Let go of anything and sometimes, anyone, that you feel doesn’t respect your boundaries.

The Magic of Meditation

Meditation helps you in situations where you might have a negative thought about yourself, and actually believe it. Now put yourself in a situation where you have that negative thought, but instead of dwelling on it, you choose to let it go, and don’t identify it at all. Sounds great, right? There’s so many meditation apps out there to help you start your journey, so why not try meditating for just ten minutes a day and see how you feel.

Spell It All Out

Putting a pen to paper is one of the best ways to make you realise that the negative and hateful thoughts you have about yourself aren’t true. Write a list of things that you like about yourself, and then write a list of negatives. Giving a voice to both these parts of your character could really help you to meet somewhere in the middle. Imagine what it would be like to hear your best friend say those awful things about herself? That’s exactly how they feel about you, so remember that next time you’re down on yourself. 

Love Yourself

Connecting with your own body is important if you want to have a healthy and loving relationship with yourself. We’re all for making a little date with yourself to take the time to masturbate. Yep, it’s one of the things that makes us cringe a little, but it’s a natural thing and it actually has some serious mental and physical health benefits! Masturbating boosts your body’s feel-good chemicals such as endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin. Time to pencil in that date.  

Ways to love yourself We believe that everyone is beautiful, and as cliché as it sounds, everyone deserves to feel beautiful too. Once you start glowing from the inside out, the world is your oyster. In the meantime, treating yourself to pamper nights in alone or with your friends can really help to boost your morale. Check out our range of home teeth whitening kits, once you start to love yourself more, you’re going to want to show off that smile.

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