9 reasons why Smiling is the secret weapon to happiness

Smiling Is The Secret Weapon

Smiling isn’t just the result of a good feeling, it can trigger a good feeling too. Smiling may actually make you feel happier, even if you don’t feel like smiling. Smiling matters because it can draw people closer, and it is one way to stay healthy. It also changes the voice too, and it can make you feel confident in yourself.

Smiling is the secret weapon to happiness

  1. Smiling attracts people

When we smile, we make our potential clients, and friends, colleagues, bosses or everyone around us to join in smiling. According to psychologists, happy people are much easier to work with, and in a better position to handle stressful tasks. They are more likely to turn out successful in life.

  1. Smiling changes/lifts the mood

When times are rough, smiling can keep an individual going. During tough times it help can stimulate happy feelings. Smiling can uplift our mood and make us confident during tough times like economic difficulties, sickness or the death of a loved one.

  1. Smiles are infectious

When you smile, others around you are likely to feel happy too and smile along.

  1. Smiling is a great way to always keep the best look

Smiling can help remove the stress and the tired lines from your face. It can help you relax, and work more effectively.

  1. Smiling is an excellent way to maintain good health

Doctors believe smiling makes the immune system work more efficiently. It relaxes the body and boosts the ability to fight off diseases.

  1. Smiling is one way to appear and feel younger

The muscles that are used when smiling lifts the face, thereby making us look younger. Looking younger, can make you feel happier, and boost your energy levels so that you can enjoy life more.

  1. Smiling can make an individual more likable and trustworthy

According to psychologists, people who smile all the time are likely to be more loved and trusted.

  1. Smiling is essential to form bonds between people

When we are introduced to someone, the first step to bonding is to shake hands with them, smile and then make eye contact.

  1. Couples who smile are more likely to stay together.

Smiling promotes healthy relationships. Studies have shown that couples who smile regularly are more likely to enjoy a long lasting relationship.

Smiling is genuinely a beautiful thing because it makes other people around feel comfortable and relaxed. It gives us more confidence, (especially with a whiter smile) and can make us feel younger and healthy. It uplifts our mood during tough times and smiling is essential to form bonds between people and keep couples and families together. Smiling is indeed the secret weapon to happiness as it can make us trustworthy and likable. 

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