Teeth Whitening Wholesale Supplies

Thinking of starting your own teeth whitening at-home business or adding a feature to your beauty salon? Our kits come fully equipped with everything you’ll need to conduct teeth whitening sessions that are safe, affordable and simple.

Our Kits

We provide high quality, comprehensive kits at affordable prices. Sold internationally and approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and the Australian Dental Association (ADA), each kit comes equipped with everything you’ll need plus detailed safety instructions and step-by-step guides to do the job properly.

Each kit comes with the following items:

Whitening Gel
Customisable Retainers
LED accelerator light
• Desensitisation gel

The great thing about our kits is that you don’t need a professional dentist to administer the procedure. Because these kits are designed to be used at home, you are absolutely qualified to use them for your salon or at-home business.

Dentist-grade products

The products we provide are used and supplied to dental clinics worldwide, so you know you’re getting quality products at an affordable price.

Start your own at-home teeth whitening business

If you’ve ever thought about starting a teeth whitening business at home, gogo Smile are the ones to choose. Our kits are easy to use and come fully equipped with what you’ll need.

Become part of a booming industry in Australia. Nearly one million people are running a business from home in Australia because it offers flexibility and hands you control over your own finances—you make all the decisions.

Before you take the leap into running your own teeth whitening business from home, however, consider these few things first:

– Is your home an ideal location for the business?
– Do council regulations permit you to run the kind of business you want?
– Can you balance work and family life?

Ask these difficult questions and be extra prepared to run the best business you can run.

Teeth whitening at your beauty salon

You’ve got the clientele. You’ve got the chairs and the tables and the great location. You’re already offering a number of services as a trained beautician, so you’re customers are probably already asking, ‘Why don’t you offer teeth whitening?’

Don’t let them go out and find another salon with teeth whitening sessions—offer it yourself! With our kits, you can add teeth whitening to the long list of services you already provide and strengthen your list of clientele.