Whiten Up Your Smile On the Go!

One of the very first things people notice when you meet is your smile. So if you’d like to make a first impression that truly lasts, you can’t go past the GoGo Smile teeth whitening pen! A whiter, brighter smile brings with it heightened confidence and self-esteem and allows you to be exactly who you want to be – all for just $29!

Whether you’ve got a job interview coming up, have been invited to a party or other event or for any other occasion, you’ll be able to take it on with full confidence. A highly-effective, proven, dentist-grade solution here to vastly improve the shade of your teeth.

Super convenient whitening pen

Its compact size means you can easily fit it into your bag, purse or pocket. If you’ve just had food and/or a drink that can stain your teeth (coffee, tea, berries, red wine, etc.), simply open it up and apply – simple as that!

100% safe to use Whitening Pen

You can rest assured that using this product is completely safe as it meets the standards of the FCC, ADA and ACCC.

The perfect complementary product to your Teeth whitening routine

To get the absolute most out of this pen, we recommend using it in conjunction with our complete best at home teeth whitening kit, which includes everything you’ll possibly need to achieve the smile you want.

If you have any questions for us about any of the products we proudly offer, please feel free to visit our teeth whitening FAQ's page or reach out directly on our contact page. Shipping is available worldwide!