Why do you have sensitive teeth and how you can make it stop?

Tooth sensitivity is the buzz word in every toothpaste commercial but what it actually sensitive teeth and how can this disease be prevented r cured. Major research has been carried out regarding this topic. Some of the reasons for having sensitive teeth and its subsequent cure and prevention are covered in this article.

Tooth sensitivity is defined as the thinning of the teeth or gum recession which in turns exposes the underlying surface causing sensitive teeth which feel hot or cold in greater quantities. There are a variety of reasons that cause sensitive teeth. The most common reason for sensitive teeth is the erosion of enamel from the top of the teeth. This is sometimes caused by using substandard tooth brush or by brushing teeth with extra vigor which is not required. The second reason is using foods that are acidic or high is carbon like carbonated drinks. Excessive use of fizzy drinks is therefore not recommended for adults and especially not recommended for children with developing teeth.

The erosion of the top surface of the teeth may be related to other medical conditions in the body. The prime example of this is gastroesophageal reflux disease or bulimia. A medical specialist should be referred in this regard so the root cause of dental decay and subsequent sensitivity may be determined. One of the other major reasons for teeth sensitivity is the gum recession. A receding gum line exposes the base of the teeth as well as the nerves in that area. This is a sensitive art of the human body and may cause extreme pain while consuming hot or cold food.

Coming to the ways sensitive teeth can be prevented and cured. There are some natural and some medical ways to attain this goal. The best way to do that is by not consuming too much acidic food in your diet. Toothbrush should also be changed frequently to avoid an old rugged brush removing the enamel of the teeth. There are some medical procedures that help in recovering from sensitive teeth. Using desensitizing toothpaste and applying it as per the physician instruction can help blocking the pain that is associated with sensitive teeth.

Applying fluoride to the sensitive area is also a cure but one that should be done by a dental professional and not at home. Getting the requisite treatment done; like covering exposed root surfaces caused by receding gums is also one of the medical solutions available in the market today. This solution is not very expensive to constant technological advancements in this field. Root canal can also be done for teeth which are losing their filling and causing sensitivity once you eat or drink hot or cold food items.

Sensitive teeth are not a cancer like disease that takes a lot out of your life or pocket to be cured. Therefore necessary attention must be give to sensitive teeth making your life easy and enjoyable rather than painful every time you eat.

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