Which Lipstick Shade Will Look Killer On Your Skin Tone?

If you like the rest of us, spend your time trailing the makeup aisle in search of the perfect new lipstick colour that will take you from you to… well, Beyoncé, then keep reading. Ever seen the perfect shade of red lipstick on a friend, and found all your hopes and (beauty) dreams come crashing down around you when you get to the MAC store of Maybelline aisle and realise it looks more drag than fab on you? We’ve all been there, and it sure ain't pretty. Fortunately, we’ve got a few little tip and tricks to guide you on to the right, pout worthy, a selfie-loving shade of lipstick path. Keep scrolling to finally find your lipstick of dreams.

Consider Your Undertone

Before we get to the good stuff, the most important thing in all of this is working out your skin's undertone. Everyone is totally unique, which is why that barely-there nude that looks great on your olive-skinned friends may totally wash you out. Not only is this tip helpful in terms of lipstick colour, but for jewellery (are you a gold or silver gal?), and even the clothing colour palette for you. FYI – Lovely ladies with cooler undertones usually suit silver style metals, whereas warm toned babes suit golds.

There are two categories that most people fall in to, which are warm or cool undertones, although some people are totally neutral which means they get the best of both.

So, Where Do I start?

Well firstly, your skin’s surface tone is the colour you’d describe yourself as having (light, medium, tanned, dark, etc) which is actually different from the undertone of the skin. Yep – all of this for the perfect MAC, Maybelline or Nars lipstick!

Since we’re feeling extra kind, we’ve broken it down for you:

Cool (pink, red or bluish undertones)
Warm (yellow, peachy, golden undertones)
Neutral (a mixture of the two)

A quick way to work out what you are (aside from fabulous), check out the colour of your veins on your wrist. Don’t be alarmed! Simply check whether your veins are blue/green-blue veins = cool undertones, green = warm undertones.

So now for the part, you’ve all been waiting for! Lipstick goals, we’re ready for you.  

Cool Undertones

Go for shades with hints of purple and blue undertones. For example, if you’re looking for a red lip then go for the darker style, deeper reds like Russian Red by MAC. The intense blueish toned red is seductive, stylish and it won’t wash you out.

You’re also going to want to stay away from too peachy, orangey shades, especially when you’re looking for the right nude for you. If you’re into your makeup, you’ll of heard of the famous Velvet Teddy shade from MAC. A favourite in the beauty industry, this deep-beige is loved by bloggers, MUA’s and girls all over the globe.


Warm Undertones

It’s a little easier looking for lipsticks in warm shades, as the colour palettes are pretty self-explanatory. Warm shades of orange and lighter peachy nudes work well with warm undertoned skin, especially if you’re olive-skinned.  

Our love affair with the NYX Liquid Suede formula that we mentioned in our life-changing beauty tips is still as hot as ever. The long-lasting lipstick is comfortable, silky and majorly pigmented. Go for the Orange County shade, a bright hue that’ll look great on the warmer skin.

 NYX Liquid Suede


For a naked, nude of dreams, Honey Beige by Maybelline is just the right shade on the nude ranking. Not only is it dreamily silky but it’s golden under-tones will work to make the pigment of your skin glow.

  Honey Beige by Maybelline

Happy Shopping!

Just remember, whether you’re looking for pricier products such as MAC, Nars, Bare Minerals or you’re a high-street lover and can’t live without a Maybelline, Rimmel or NYX glow-up, it’s all about finding the right shade to suit you.

Of course, there’s nothing better than wearing a new coloured lipstick with pride. Sure, we all love showing off our new lippy with a good old-fashioned pout (Kardashian style) but what really compliments a new lipstick colour? The perfect smile. A bright white smile is pretty much our favourite accessory, and it should be yours too. Check out our collection of teeth whitening kits to really make your lipstick colour pop.

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