The Positive Power Of The Perpetually Small Things

The Positive Power Of The Perpetually Small Things

The world is spinning round and round at an ever increasing rate. Today’s world is all about speed and efficiency. Information, supply lines, and communications all now operate at rapid fire pace, and that pace is only quickening with each passing day it seems like. Through the hustle and the bustle it can sometimes be hard to remember the numerous reasons that exist to be happy in this world. On the flip side it’s forever easier to feel drained, overwhelmed, and at a loss. It doesn’t have to be that way though. Remember that saying, “It’s the little things?” Truer words have never been spoken. Let me show you.

1.Take A Walk In Unfamiliar Territory

Boredom is a big contributor to sadness and feelings of melancholy. When you see the same people, figures, and scenery all the time; the beauty that is our world can lose its edge. Get away from it all for a while. Refresh your imagination with new sights. Allow your brain to process a different surrounding. Get out of your comfort zone. Complacency kills. This is as true in the literal sense for dangerous work environments as it is for the spirit in everyday life.

2.Key Up Something Positive On Your Playlist

Music has an incredible impact on the mood. This is used to full effect during events and in the midst of important scenes in cinema. The same can be said for your car ride home from work. This is an opportune time to use the medicinal effects of a song with a strong spirited energy to it. You are now free from your prison for the day. Amplify that sensation with a feel good melody through your speakers as you drive home, to the kids game, or wherever the next destination may be. Don’t be afraid to sing along and get animated, it only enhances the experience.

3.Remind Yourself That You Are Human

Everyone’s their own worst critic aren’t they. Don’t be. You can tear yourself apart with your own thoughts better than anyone else could with words. After all you know every single flaw and insecurity that you have. That pity party isn’t going to do you any good. Instead, how about giving yourself a break for a change. If you don’t hold everyone else to that ridiculous standard of perfection, why would you ever do that to yourself?

4.Tell Everyone You Are Busy For A Day

Always being at the beck and call of everyone else at the drop of a hat? There is nothing wrong with that. However, if you start getting burnt out from it, again, give yourself a well deserved break. When the requests start coming in, just tell them sorry but you are tied down. You don’t owe explanations. Sit back on the couch, watch that old movie you used to enjoy with your besties in high school. Let yourself just exist for a little while. Removing the strain of having a million of things to do for other people for a period of time will have almost instant effect on your psyche.

5.Have A Drink

Let’s be clear on this. A means one. A single drink by itself can do you a whole lot of good without the fear of a nasty hangover the next morning. At the end of the day when the stress from what came with the many hours you lived throughout that day, a can of beer or glass of wine does wonders for relieving the tension out of your shoulders. Of course this tactic comes with a bit of control, as to not over do it, but if that can be exercised appropriately then it will serve you well.

6.Conscious Effort

Every time you find yourself in a negative mood or not smiling, work those muscles. Force yourself toward a positive thought, point the curled edges of your lips skyward instead of down. This is called brain training. Any time you actively make your brain do something, you ingrain it to be a subconscious effort. As with anything, the notions will grow strong with time. This is probably the hardest one on this list, but also has been shown to have the most results.

7.What If They Weren’t There

This is another exercise. Think about the people most important to you. Your spouse, child, parents, best friend. Now imagine if they died. Not their death, that would have the opposite effect. Just close your eyes and imagine what it would be like to sit at their funeral, saying that final goodbye. Now remind yourself that person is still in your life and you’ll likely see them the next day. How lucky are you. Someone you might have taken for granted just got their lightbulb changed in your personal display case.

8.What If You Weren’t Here

Try the reverse of the above. All those people mentioned before, imagine them at your funeral. Imagine the heartbreak. How it would affect those around you to not have you around. Really think about how you’ve impacted the lives of your loved ones and how your absence would have the reverse effect. You truly are important to your friends and family. Bonds are something that are gravely missed once they are gone. Again, how lucky are you to have people in your life that care about you this much.

9.Shut It Off

Ya that voice in your head that’s always watching your every move and trying to keep you from doing or saying something stupid? Shut it off. Leave it off for a night. This is typically why people have a great night out when they go and drink half the bar dry, but you can do it sober too. Only you won’t act with quite so little sense of course. Just tell yourself that tonight is to be free from worry. You’ll deal with whatever repercussions there are the next day. With your worries cast to the side, you’ll find that there often aren’t any. In fact, it may have the reverse effect and actually enrich your life.

10.Be an Honest Helper

Don’t just give someone a hand because you would feel awkward telling them no. Actually take the time to think about what your help did for that person. You did that. You. Because you were there, that person’s life went a little bit smoother and easier, if even for only ten minutes. And therefore, you will be remembered. Most importantly be modest about it. Showboating such an act only exhausts the positive vibe it can present you. Just silently hold on to that feeling that you did something good and it will reward you in and of itself with a boost in morale.

11.Look At Baby Animals

This may sound like something silly, and ultimately it really is. But it is also totally works. If you can look through an entire slideshow of baby pandas, bears, cats, dogs, rabbits, etc. and not even crack a small grin, well maybe you just weren’t meant to smile. I promise, it will do the trick. So much adorableness wrapped up in one place. If you can keep the good vibes away in that scenario, it’s only because you are doing it on purpose.

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