Best Tongue Cleaner Reviews

Nearly everyone can remember at least one person who’s had bad breath in their lives. This condition can make you very self-conscious, and it’s due to the body’s deposits on the surface of your tongue. But tongue scrapers can help you combat your bad breath, and we’ve rounded up the top three tongue scrapers available.

First Tongue Scraper: Genkent Tongue Cleaner

This stainless steel tongue scraper comes with a no-gag design, and it is flexible so you can scrape your entire tongue with ease. It helps to reduce any bacteria or toxin build-up, and these are the leading causes of bad breath. The high-quality stainless steel medium has surgical-grade steel which makes it a durable choice that allows you to sterilise it to clean it.

This scraper is also very easy to use. All you have to do is open your mouth, stick out your tongue, and scrape it three or four times. You can repeat this twice a day to ensure you get the best results. It also has large handles that make it comfortable to hold while you use it.

Second Tongue Scraper: Yoofor Tongue Cleaner Scrapers

The Yoofor Tongue Cleaner features a sleek and slender design that makes it compatible with any size mouth. The double-headed design features the scraper on one side to safely remove and build-up, and bristles on the other side to gently remove any debris. It is also soft and made out of safe, food-grade materials.

The flexible and soft design makes this an excellent beginner tongue scraper, and there is no chemical smell associated with it. It’s ready to use right out of the packaging, and you can quickly sterilise it after each use.

Third Tongue Scraper: Anself Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner

The final tongue scraper on our list is by Anself, and this compact stainless steel tongue cleaner is durable and features anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties. You’ll get a slightly bowed design that allows you to quickly and easily reach all of the areas of your tongue in one smooth movement.

The handle is soft, and it allows you to grip onto it when you use your scraper with ease. You should sterilise this tool once a month to ensure its longevity, and it twice a day for the best results.

Having a tongue scraper is important to your daily oral hygiene routine, and you can combine these tongue scrapers with a high-quality tooth whitening kit and daily brushing and flossing to maximise your results.

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