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60 day Results-Focused 100% Money-Back guarantee


Value Kit (40 Applications)

$119 $128

– 8 x GOGO Smile Dentist Strength 6% Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening Gel (Total 24 ml – up to 40 Applications per kit)

– 3 x GOGO Smile Customisable Heat and Form Trays (1 spare)

– 1 x GOGO Smile Desensitisation Gel (Total 4 ml)

– 1 x GOGO Smile LED Teeth Whitening Accelerator

– 1 x Step By Step Guide

– 1 x Paper Shade Guide

– GOGO Smile Results-Focused 100% Money-Back Guarantee

6% Hydrogen Peroxide Activates Faster Results. Don’t waste your time with 18% Carbamide & Non-Peroxide. 


Free Delivery – Order before 4 pm for same day dispatch.

Australian express order delivered within 1-2 days

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Do you ever find yourself stifling a smile because you’re worried what people might think about your teeth? Say goodbye to hiding the real you and feel free to flash your pearly whites as often as you like with the GoGo Smile Kit that comes with everything you need to brighten and whiten your teeth.

We’re here to give you the power to feel super-confident at all times – whether you’re interviewing for a job, on a date, or in any other situation you find yourself in, you’ll search for any excuse to show off your beautiful smile.

Oh, and if for whatever reason you follow the instructions for 30 days but don’t see any shade difference, we’ll refund your money to you. That’s how confident we are with our products!

Don’t throw your money away with expensive dental work

As you’re probably aware, cosmetic dentistry can be really pricey. But thanks to the very latest and greatest professional-grade teeth whitening technology we’re offering, you can see fantastic results for a fraction of the price.

Best of all, you’re able to sit through the teeth whitening sessions in the comfort of your own home, so you can watch your favourite show or read a book while your teeth are on their way to looking absolutely amazing.


Experience our kits today

Easy to use – Complete kits includes everything you need to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home.

Effectively Whitens – Coffee, Tea, Red Wine, Smoking, Soft drinks, sugary products, genetic and general discoloration over time.

Scientifically Proven – Our clinically verified formulations combined with our LED accelerator light ensures visible results up to 12 shades whiter.

Dentist Grade – Our formulations are used and supplied to dental clinics worldwide

Safe – all our products are compliant with FDA, ACCC, ADA standards

  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
  • Australian Dental Association



–        Australian orders delivered within 1-2 days from order confirmation.

–          International orders delivered within 6-12 days from order confirmation.

Simple Steps to a Whiter Smile



Try a dry run first

Before you get started, we strongly recommend that you undergo a dry run of the process a few times to get a feel for it. Begin by positioning your first retainer so that it covers your upper Grid of teeth. Use your tongue to hold it in place, and suck all of the air out so that the retainer is firmly contoured around your teeth. Repeat this process with the second retainer covering your bottom teeth.



Dip the first retainer in boiling water

Boil a saucepan full of water, then take it off the heat. Holding your retainer by the protruding tab, carefully dip it into the boiling water (make sure the edges don’t curl as you do so). Keep the retainer completely submerged in the water for a count of 5 seconds.



Mould the retainer to your upper teeth

After 5 seconds is up, take your retainer (while still grasping the tab) and carefully place it over your upper teeth. As you did in step one, use your tongue to hold the retainer in place while you suck out the air. Once snugly fitted to your teeth, use a pair of scissors to snip off the tab at the front of the retainer.



Repeat above steps for the second retainer and your lower teeth

Simply repeat steps 2 and 3 for your second retainer, ensuring it fits snugly to your lower teeth.



Apply the whitening gel

After brushing your teeth using a fluoride toothpaste, apply a dab of the GoGo Smile Teeth Whitening Gel into each tooth ridge of the front areas of the retainers (the gel only needs to be applied to your visible teeth). Be careful not to overfill, as the gel may irritate your gums. Carefully place each retainer over your front and bottom Grid s of teeth, making sure the gel does not come into contact with your gums.



Apply the LED accelerator

Place the LED Teeth Whitening Accelerator Light in your mouth, making sure it is pressed up against the retainers. Wrap your lips tightly around it to hold it firmly in place. Turn the accelerator’s light on and leave for 15 – 30 minutes. Once the time is up, simply remove the accelerator from your mouth and take out your retainers. Make sure you give them a thorough rinse after each use.

Repeat the process daily until you reach the desired result.

Unlike Your Ex, We’ll Never Let You Down

Your smile suits you, so we want you to keep on shinin’. If you’re not completely happy with the results from your product, we offer a full refund guarantee. As long as you’ve used it inline with our instructions, we won’t ask any questions.

If your teeth don’t look whiter after 30 days of using GoGo Smile, you don’t need to pay. Simply take a dated selfie that clearly shows your teeth before using our whitening products, then take another one after a minimum of two full weeks. Send us your snaps and if there are no viable results, we’ll organise your reimbursement.

We’re as confident in our products as you will feel after using them, so this is one relationship you can trust in.

Australia’s Highest Quality Teeth Whitening Products. That’s a Promise.

In the unlikely event that one of our products is defective on arrival, we will happily refund 100% of your money within the first 60 days of your purchase. Just make sure you send it back to us in the condition you received it and all of our return Ts& Cs are met, and we’ll gladly exchange it or return your money.

It’s a shame it wasn’t this easy to return your ex.

How do our teeth whitening kits work?

Once the whitening gel is in contact with your teeth via the retainer, its active ingredient begins breaking down. This causes oxygen to transfer into the dentin and enamel, which begins breaking down any stains within the tooth. Importantly, the tooth’s structure remains unaffected – it simply sees an improvement in colour.

Is it safe to whiten teeth at home?

Absolutely! Clinical studies show our formula to be completely safe for use by those with healthy teeth and gums. Just remember to follow all instructions carefully and never use the kits beyond the recommended treatment duration.

Will teeth whitener cause tooth or gum sensitivity or any other side effects?

Most users will experience at least some degree of sensitivity within the tooth while using our professional-grade gel. Please note that this is a common side effect, so there’s no need to worry. Simply tailor the treatment to meet your needs: if you find your teeth are becoming too sensitive, cut down the time spent on each session or only use the whitening kit every second day. Most customers will become accustomed to the treatment within 1-3 days and all sensitivity will disappear – but this varies between individuals. Be wary of overfilling your retainers with gel as this may cause irritation of the gums.

There are small white spots on my teeth after treatment – is something wrong?

Sometimes, white spots appear on the teeth following use of the whitening gel – these are minor spots of hypo-calcification, which should not be cause for concern. The chemical reaction involved as the gel treats your teeth can generate a small amount of heat within each tooth, which in turn expands the pulp and dentin. This process causes water to be pushed out of the tooth, leaving it dehydrated. This usually lasts roughly 72 hours before disappearing completely.

My gums turned white after treatment – why?

Your gums can become irritated and temporarily turn white if the gel comes into contact with them. This can occur due to overfilling of the gel inside the retainer, or a poorly fitted retainer going over the gum line. Both these problems can be avoided by carefully applying the right amount of gel and being cautious during the retainer fitting process. If gum irritation occurs, wait until it heals before treating again and use less gel for your next session.

The LED light on my accelerator is not working? How do I fix it?

Don’t worry, it’s probably not broken! A small plastic disc is inserted with the batteries to stop the accelerator turning on by accident while it’s being shipped to your house. Remove this and the light will turn on!

I have removed the plastic disc, but it still isn’t working

If this is the case, you may need to replace the battery. The device requires a lithium coin cell battery, which can be picked up online or at most supermarkets and convenience stores.

Can anybody use an at-home tooth whitening kit?

While our kits are designed to be used by anyone who wants a whiter and brighter smile, we do not recommend the use of this kit by those under 18 years of age. We also do not recommend our kits for those who wear braces, are pregnant or suffer from tooth decay, irritable gums, jaw problems, periodontal disease, colitis, sensitive teeth or any other health condition.

How long do the teeth whitening kits last?

The whitening gel included in your kit will generally last for 12-24 months, but it may retain its potency for some time after this period. Be sure to store your kits in a cool, dry environment to ensure they remain in the best possible condition for use.

How long will my teeth stay white for?

The results from our at-home teeth whitening kits are semi-permanent, but our teeth naturally begin to stain and lose colour as we go about our day-to-day life through eating, drinking and even smoking. We typically recommend repeating the full process every 3-6 months, but it largely depends on your lifestyle and how white you want your teeth to be

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