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Honest company
"I have found gogo smile does exactly as it says it will. I used this product as an upkeep after having my teeth professionally whitened and my teeth have never looked so great.. i am a big coffee drinker and a smoker and gogo smile takes out any and every stain! Highly recommended"
Danika C.
This product is great!
"The experience with this product was great at the end of a mouth a had a better broughter smile I would recommend it to all my friends and family that's why I have it a five star rating!"
Trhey T.
GOGO Smile starter kit.
"Started the kit 2 weeks before a big event for a sparkly smile. Definitely works and so so simple to use. Thank you GOGO Smile 😃 "
Sarah A.
"Absolutely love Gogo Smile. The money back garantee was the thing that really got me to purchase this product and I was not dissapointed. After 1 or 2 quick applications, I could notice a result and within a few days I already had compliments from others about how white my teeth were! Can’t fault it, thank you for giving me my best smile!"
Georgina McLay
Great product, great service
"I regularly purchase from GoGo Smile and every time the order arrives approx 2 days after I order. There are never any issues with my order. The ordering process is simple and reliable and I can always rely on GoGo Smile to be quick and reliable. I would highly recommend."
Sharnie E.
Not just whiter teeth, but a brighter personality
"This kit didn’t only help me feel confident in my smile but also gave me to ability to be a brighter happier self. I feel no restraint to smile anymore. I’ve never been complimented so much on my smile before. I have recommended this kit to so many people and so many of them have had the same response, I will definitely be continuing me use of GOGO smile and hope to influence more people to not only try out whiter teeth but a whole new self 😃"
Chynna B.
Smile and bright
"I had an experience with a dental whittening with laser, and the result of GOGO smile was far better than the laser. I'm surprised and happy with the results. So much more confident with my smile. "
Isabela B.
Love it!!
"Great!! My teeth are so much whiter!!"
Annemarie S.
Very happy
"I cannot believe this product works, I noticed a change in colour of my teeth within two days ,I used the gel and blue light for apprx 1 hour each night while watching tele, I use GOGO smile every 3 weeks for 3 days at a time now, Very happy,Rob"
robert c.
Teeth whitening
"I love this product and have really noticed a difference with the colour of mine almost instantly. I feel the blue led light isn’t very powerful or bright "
Sam C.
Perfect for everyday or every event!
"I found GoGo Smile was an brilliant product that I primarily used before big events to brighten my smile and make my teeth look amazing! The pack has lasted me so long and gives great results with little to no tooth sensitivity, will definitely be purchasing again!"
Sophie B.
My teeth have never been so white!!
"I have tried many teeth whitening kits to try get rid of the yellow stain that they had, including ones from my dentist! Honestly though, nothing has made my teeth as white as gogo smile did, and it was noticeable after literally 1 or 2 uses. Will continue using for a long time!"
Phoebe G.
Couldnt believe it...
"Honestly loved this product, in just 2 weeks I was seeing a HUGE difference. I had actually got complemented on my teeth how white they were by 2 people and as a smoker white teeth are hard to achieve and you guys done it!! Thankyou."
Courtney M.
My teeth are already amazing after 4 days
"I was so excited when my product came in the mail and I couldn’t wait to begin using it. The packaging is lovely and everything is very easy to use. I’ve been using this product for 4 days and my teeth are already whiter. I had a quote from my dentist for $600.00 to have my teeth whitened but I wanted to try this first and I am so glad I did!!"
Brooke S.
Gogo Smile Starter Kit
"My experience with the starter kit was very good and I've definitely noticed that my teeth are a lot whiter. The on-line tutorial was excellent and very easy to follow and I've noticed that my friends have also noticed that my teeth are whiter."
Samantha E.
Best whitening kit ever!
"I’ve used many whitening kits in the past. But the results with GOGO smile are one of kind. The kits are very easy to use and come with all the instructions and items needed to have a perfect whitening procedure in your own home. In just 3 treatments my teeth are 5 shades whiter and not sensitive like other products I have used in the past. Thank you !"
Anthony B.
Best Whitening Kit!
"I’ve been going to the dentist to get my teeth whiten frequently. I have been doing a lot research and came across GOGO Smile and thought I’d give it try. Couldn’t not believe the results! One of the best recent improvements in teeth whitening is arguably the development of LED teeth whitening. It’s made my life so much easier and hassle free. So easy to use and very effective. I have lots of compliments on my teeth and enhance my smile, I feel so much confident!"
Sherie K.
Love it💞
"Awesome experience easy to use. Love the result too as i feel more confident now than before. Thankyou so much"
Maara M.
Million Dollar Smile
"From the first time I used the Gogo Smile teeth whitener it has made a noticeable difference to my smile. So much that I now love to smile and show of my teeth, knowing that the yellowing has gone. Thank you. "
Sophie M.
"The results I got from this product were amazing! i am an avid coffee and tea drinker which has resulted in my teeth being badly stained, this product however has made my teeth whiter than i’ve ever seen them. Would definitely recommend this to everyone i know! "
Olivia W.
Feeling brighter
"I recently started using the GOGO smile whitening kit. I decided not to tell anyone I was whitening my teeth as I was interested in people spontaneously noticing my teeth becoming whiter. I personally was very pleased with the results after about 4 applications. Even more thrilled when I began getting comments from friends 🤗 Thankyou GOGO smile."
Lizzie S.
Whitened perfectly!
"I worked as a dental assistant for 6 years and I was sceptical about buying whitening kits online (as there are so many on the market). I was pleasantly surprised with the whitening gel. I didn’t think I would get big results as I have whitened them before but I was wrong! They are literally glowing! I top it up before I go out now and it whitens them up a little bit more. "
Phoebe J.
Buy GOGO SMILE and save your money!
"After searching the internet for the perfect, affordable home teeth whitening kit, I'm so glad I found GOGO SMILE. I bought a starter kit and used it for 7 days in a row and loved my results. By taking just 30 minutes out from your day, you can see changes in your teeth and other people will start to notice too. My friends asked me how I got my teeth so white! I would recommend GOGO SMILE for anyone using at home teeth whitening for the first time. It's really quick and easy and instructions are a breeze. The only negative about this product was that it my teeth were a little bit more sensitive after using it, but I already had pretty sensitive teeth. I would recommend taking breaks between the days of using the products if you have sensitive teeth and using a toothpaste to help reduce sensitivity! "
Daphne A.
Smile to GO!!
"I loved this product! Wasn’t very expensive but gave me to confidence to smile again. It was so easy to used and as simple as getting ready in the morning. Highly recomend!"
Elisha R.
Great Product
"Worked Wonders, was really fantastic"
richard m.